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CQI AuditSIG Conference 2022

15/09/2022 @ 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


In today’s evolving world, the audit profession is rapidly transforming as organisations adapt and diversify how products and services are manufactured and delivered to its customers. In this conference, we will be taking a deep dive into the future of auditing, and exploring the key components, technologies and techniques that constitute the role of audit in industry today.

Confirmed speakers

We have a range of expert speakers and guests, who will discuss the following topics:

Kevin Belson (Technical Manager UKAS / Chair of International Accreditation Forum)

Kevin will be providing an insight into the future of auditing from accreditation governance bodies, with a spotlight on remote auditing.

Joana dos Guimaraes and Herica Lopez (ISO 9001 Audit Practices Group)

This discussion will cover the new guidance to auditor competence.

Zoi Kontodimou (Chair, CQI Sustainability SIG)

In this talk, Zoi will explore the important link between sustainability and auditing.

Susan Fitzsimmons (CEO, Audit Comply)

Susan will be discussing the importance of technology and providing a demo of ‘Audit Comply’ Software.

Jonathan Bishop ( Chair, CQI Integrated Management SIG)

In this discussion, Jonathan will look at the role of audit in the future landscape, linking risk and integration.

Robin Lannin, (Culture Assurance Director, GSK)

This talk will look at the importance of culture in auditing.

Martin Rodgers (Quality Director, Inmarsat)

Martin will be discussing selling the value of auditing to leadership and taking a deep dive into audit practice.

Mike Turner (Head of Profession, CQI)

This discussion will look at the link between the role of the auditor and Quality 4.0.


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London, EC1Y 1BE United Kingdom

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