For a while now companies try to integrate sustainability and ESG elements into management systems so that they can be managed more effectively and end up with different results.

A lot of protocols, frameworks, and standards exist for managing those elements, some existing for a very long time, such as ISO 14001.

Some of them aim to assist decision making, while others aim to assist in management systems, performance measurement and improvement as well as reporting and engaging with stakeholders.

Each company integrates standards, systems, and frameworks to improve its corporate sustainability performance, and through this, its overall performance as well.

Since there is no “one global standard or framework” on corporate sustainability management including all its elements, a company must utilize several frameworks, standards, or protocols to address various elements.

The stake here is integrating them in a systematic way, so that the management system is efficient and effective and the corporate results – both in financial as well as sustainability terms – constantly improve over time.